July 15, 2015

Small Apartment? Get a Portable Ballet Barre!

Live in a small apartment? Do you feel like a trip to the gym takes up too much time? Are you a student dancer who wants to get some practice in away from the studio? A portable ballet barre is just the thing for you... View full article →
July 09, 2015

Dressing for Barre Success

Barre fitness is a popular and serious workout regimen.  No leotard or tutu required; here are four tips to dress for a comfy and stylish barre class... View full article →
July 07, 2015

Portable Ballet Barres a Must for Dance Studios

As dance studio owners know, space can sometimes be at a premium. Some studios have large classrooms but if your studio has a combination of different size classrooms, we offer the perfect solution to make every square foot count... View full article →
June 19, 2015

Ballet Barre Fitness: 3 Workout Clips to Copy

There are lots of different written tutorials on ballet barre fitness, but it can be hard to visualize these workouts (“Put my leg where? How do you bend like that?”), especially if you’re new to barre exercise... View full article →
June 12, 2015

Resources for Your Home Barre Workouts

You've probably heard about some of the amazing benefits of barre workouts, inspired by the moves ballet dancers do at the barre. They combine yoga, Pilates, and dance to give you a workout that builds long, lean muscles... View full article →
June 05, 2015

3 Movies to Move You: Ballet on Netflix

Whether you’ve had a long day at the office, studio, or school, there are few things more relaxing than plopping down on the couch and watching something delightful dance across your TV screen; that's where these ballet-inspired films come in... View full article →
May 29, 2015

How to Use a Portable Ballet Barre in Your Home Office

It’s an unfortunate truth that the sedentary lifestyle of most Americans takes a toll on your body... View full article →
May 22, 2015

4 Reasons Swimmers Should Cross-Train with a Barre

Every athlete knows that cross-training is an important part of growing strong and flexible, and swimmers are no exception... View full article →
May 14, 2015

Need Motivation? 3 Clips to Get Your Booty to the Barre

We all need a little nudge, a muse, a bit of inspiration to get us going sometimes. If you've been meaning to step up to the barre but keep getting sidetracked, take a few minutes to get your dance juices flowing with these rousing video clips... View full article →
May 08, 2015

4 Ways Runners Benefit From Ballet Barres

You already know that barre exercises are designed for dancers, but have you ever thought about the benefits barre exercises might have for other athletes? View full article →