Grace in Form. Strength in Design.

The idea behind Boss Ballet Barres came not from a steel company, but directly from a dancer. The question was posed: “Why can’t we make the strongest, most durable portable Ballet Barres using one of our current steel product lines?” This was asked not by any employee of Boss Steel Ltd. (our parent company), but by an employee's daughter, an accomplished ballet dancer with years of experience, honors and awards. The answer, as you can imagine, was, “Yes we can!” It turns out that the solution was in front of our eyes all along: by combining our patented line of clamp products with extremely strong structural steel tube, the Boss Ballet Barre was born.

Many of the schools and studios known to us had remarked in the past that they were disappointed with the quality of the portable barres that were available on the market prior to our Boss Barres. Those barres were unstable, frail and just didn’t seem to have the longevity necessary for constant use in a studio setting. We took the time to try out various prototypes, and have our contacts in the dance industry try them out, tell us what they liked and/or what they wanted to see changed, before arriving at our final design.

A member of the Boss Steel family, Boss Ballet Barres continues the tradition of superior-quality products and service, where building a relationship with our customer takes priority. Celebrating over 20 years in business, we apply the combined expertise, knowledge and experience of our service and sales experts to every project. Boss Steel goes above and beyond the industry standard to get the job done right, every time.

Founded by Steve Walker and a business partner, Boss Steel Limited first opened its doors on March 1, 1991, offering high quality ferrous and non-ferrous steel products. Over twenty years later, our inventory has grown to include our Ballet Barres, Corner Guards, and such product lines as aluminum, stainless, cold finished bars, shafting, brass, copper, sheet metal, plate, and much more.