May 26, 2017

Do You Need Dance Experience to Love Barre?

Have you always wanted to try barre but feel afraid to get started? The good news is that you can purchase a portable barre of your very own and install it at home so that you can practice on your own schedule. View full article →
May 19, 2017

Three Ways Ballet Barre Physical Therapy Can Help With Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain and would like to stretch your muscles in an easy, low-impact workout that will help alleviate your pain, improve your posture, and strengthen unused muscles, then please contact us today.  View full article →
May 12, 2017

Dancing in a Small Space? Portable Ballet Barres Can Help

Portable barres are perfect for studios that don't have enough space for as many students as they want to have, studios that are renting space and aren't able to put in wall mounted barres, and studios that use the space for multiple purposes and want to be able to remove the barres. View full article →
May 05, 2017

Freedom to Change Your Mind: Why Portable Barres are Superior to Wall Mounts

If you own a ballet studio, you have two choice when it comes to ballet barres. You can go with the wall-mounted option, or you could choose a portable ballet barre instead. If you choose to get a wall-mounted barre, you run the risk of regretting its placement later. View full article →
April 28, 2017

4 Barre Moves to Solve Your Knee Problems

Barre is one of the most versatile exercises out there, allowing for modifications based on your needs. For people who worry about the burden exercise can place on the knees, barre is still an option. View full article →
April 21, 2017

Grow Your Tool Kit With Ballet Barres for Physical Therapy

If you operate a physical therapy practice, you want to offer your clients as many tools as possible to help them on the road to recovery. Whether they come to your for a sports injury, chronic pain, or a birth defect, giving them a wide range of exercises and modalities can help them have a higher quality of life. View full article →
April 18, 2017

Maximize Your Space with Portable Ballet Barres

For those operating a ballet studio in a small space, your space is precious.  One thing you can do to maximize your space is use portable ballet barres. View full article →
April 07, 2017

Reasons You May Need Physical Therapy and How Ballet Barres May Help

While physical therapy at home should not replace therapy conducted by a certified physical therapist, having the right resources at home allows you to perform physical therapy exercises at your house. One of these resources is a ballet barre. They allow you to stretch and perform some of the same exercises you are doing in physical therapy while also allowing you to use the barre for support and balance. View full article →
March 31, 2017

How to Use Ballet Barres for Physical Therapy

If you see a physical therapist for an injury or existing condition, you may struggle trying to figure out how to do some of your exercises at home. Of course, a good physical therapist will keep your accessibility to certain tools in mind when they assign exercises to do at home. View full article →
March 24, 2017

Why Our Portable Barres are Perfect for Small Studios

While space is certainly a factor when deciding on a purchase, your budget is equally important. Our barres are high-quality, but they don't come attached to high prices. With our barres, you can easily equip your studio with a fantastic way to strengthen core and increase flexibility without taking up too much space or creating a burden on your finances.  View full article →
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