Grow Your Tool Kit With Ballet Barres for Physical Therapy

If you operate a physical therapy practice, you want to offer your clients as many tools as possible to help them on the road to recovery. Whether they come to your for a sports injury, chronic pain, or a birth defect, giving them a wide range of exercises and modalities can help them have a higher quality of life.

One tool many physical therapists find helpful to have in their workspace is a portable ballet barre. Portable ballet barres for physical therapy are great tools for many types of exercises and stretches. Allow patients to work on their balance and range of motion while holding onto a ballet barre for support. Work on core strength by offering balancing exercises, gradually placing less pressure on the barre with the supporting hand(s). Or use the barre to assist in any number of stretches.

The best thing about using portable ballet barres from Boss Ballet Barres for physical therapy is that you know they are reliable. Your patients will benefit the most from a barre that is strong enough to support their weight, not something that bows in the middle or seems questionable when it comes to sturdiness. Another benefit of a portable barre is that it can be moved to any part of your space so if you want to pair it with other equipment in other parts of the gym, you can do so easily. 

To find out more about how you can use a portable ballet barre in your physical therapy practice, contact us today at Boss Ballet Barres.

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