Maximize Your Space with Portable Ballet Barres

For those operating a ballet studio in a small space, your space is precious. But a small studio does not mean that your can't be highly successful. One thing you can do to maximize your space is use portable ballet barres. But how can portable barres help your studio?

To begin, studios are generally limited by their wall space with how many students they  can fit at the barre. Barres line each wall, but there are generally one to two walls that don't have barres because they have floor to ceiling mirrors. This limits the number of students able to enroll in ballet classes or other classes where the barre is used. Adding portable barres allows you to grow the space at the barre for students to use.

Another way portable barres help small studios is by transforming any space into a dance studio. Perhaps your studio is in a non-conventional space, or a space you don't plan on being in for very long. Whatever your circumstance, if you are hesitant or unable to make the investment of mounted barres in your space, portable barres are a great alternative. They are easy to move, easy to store, and versatile for small spaces. Not to mention, they are more affordable than mounted barres.

Boss Ballet Barres has many portable barres to choose from to meet the needs for your studio. Our barres are the strongest portable barres on the market, perfect for a studio setting where they get day-to-day use from multiple dancers. For more information on getting portable barres that are right for your space, contact us at Boss Ballet Barres today.