April 01, 2015

Ballet Barre Workout for Increasing Back Strength and Flexibility

As people get older, their flexibility can start to decline. Keeping your back strong and flexible is imperative to preventing back injuries that can be caused by normal, everyday activities such as lifting storage boxes or shovelling snow. Here are some great ballet barre workout exercises you can do multiple times a week or even daily that can keep your back strong and flexible... View full article →
March 24, 2015

Using Ballet Barres for Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Over 30 million Americans suffer back pain at any given time and over 80% of the population of the United States will suffer from it in their lifetime. Using ballet barres for physical therapy is not uncommon and can be very useful for helping people recover from back problems... View full article →
March 16, 2015

Three Ways to Blast Your Core at the Barre

Crunches are classic, but they are quick to bore (and strain the neck and back). Spice up your ab workout routine with these three barre exercises you can do at home... View full article →
March 10, 2015

Using a Ballet Barre at Home: Babywearing Workout

There are some amazing advantages to an at-home barre workout.  For parents of very young children, one of the greatest attractions of that type of workout might well be the fact that it's a low-impact workout that can easily be performed by a woman who hasn't been giving it her all for the past several months... View full article →
March 05, 2015

Ballet Barre Workout Plan to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

For athletes, especially runners, plantar fasciitis is a common injury. Many athletes do not stretch the tendons on the bottoms of their feet and this can easily cause strain when those tendons are used. With this easy ballet barre workout plan that only takes a few minutes, you can stretch those often neglected tendons and help prevent plantar fasciitis... View full article →
March 03, 2015

Have Arthritis? A Ballet Barre Workout Plan is Easy on the Joints

Many people shy away from exercise because they suffer from arthritis, and find that traditional workout programs place too much stress on their joints. If you’re one of those people, you’ll be glad to know that a ballet barre workout plan can not only help you firm and tone your muscles, but it is also easy on the joints as well... View full article →
February 27, 2015

Three Beginner's Ballet Barre Workout Exercises

Ballet barre workouts are a growing trend and with very good reason. These workouts tend to be low impact on the joints while still keeping your heart rate up and toning all of your muscles. With these full body workouts, ballet barres are not just for the ballerinas anymore. If you are a beginner and interested in trying a ballet barre workout, try out this simple ballet barre workout plan to get you started. All you need is a barre. Although a chair or couch will work to get you started, a barre will be more sturdy and easier to grip and is highly advised for long-term use. View full article →
January 29, 2015

Can You Use Ballet Barres for All Kinds of Dance?

If you’re starting to learn ballet, it’s very natural that you’re going to be interested in buying a ballet barre to practice with. However what you may not know is that it’s actually very useful to use ballet barres for all kinds of dance. View full article →
January 29, 2015

Boss Ballet Barres now offers Flat Rate Ground Shipping!

We heard you, and we listened.  After going to bat with our shipping company, and working out all kinds of scenarios and ideas, we are very happy to introduce $50.00 FLAT RATE ground shipping per barre, on ALL of our ballet barres.  That's a pretty amazing deal, as it can mean literally HUNDREDS of dollars of savings on a typical order. View full article →
January 23, 2015

Top Benefits of Ballet Barre Fitness That You Should be Aware Of

If your goal is to get in shape and lose weight in the coming year, you may want to consider ballet. Learning ballet can help you in more ways than one-here are some benefits of ballet barre fitness you should know about... View full article →
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