May 22, 2015

4 Reasons Swimmers Should Cross-Train with a Barre

Every athlete knows that cross-training is an important part of growing strong and flexible, and swimmers are no exception... View full article →
May 14, 2015

Need Motivation? 3 Clips to Get Your Booty to the Barre

We all need a little nudge, a muse, a bit of inspiration to get us going sometimes. If you've been meaning to step up to the barre but keep getting sidetracked, take a few minutes to get your dance juices flowing with these rousing video clips... View full article →
May 08, 2015

4 Ways Runners Benefit From Ballet Barres

You already know that barre exercises are designed for dancers, but have you ever thought about the benefits barre exercises might have for other athletes? View full article →
May 04, 2015

Top Reasons to Own a Portable Ballet Barre

A portable ballet barre is so versatile you can use it in a class, at a studio or in the comfort of your own home... View full article →
April 28, 2015

Raising the Barre: Ballet Barres for Jazz and Hip Hop

Although ballet, inevitably, dances across your mind when you think of ballet barre use, the barre provides practice for dancers of other mediums (not just ballet) like jazz and hip hop... View full article →
April 23, 2015

Why Have a Portable Ballet Barre at Home?

If you're just getting into barre-style fitness, you might be wondering why you would make the investment to purchase a portable ballet barre... View full article →
April 07, 2015

General Benefits of a Barre Workout

Barre workouts aren't just for ballerinas anymore.  While dancers certainly benefit immensely from making a barre routine part of their everyday schedules, normal fitness enthusiasts can gain a number of advantages from a barre workout (whether a ballet-style workout or simply one that is inspired by those movements).  Those benefits include: View full article →
April 01, 2015

Ballet Barre Workout for Increasing Back Strength and Flexibility

As people get older, their flexibility can start to decline. Keeping your back strong and flexible is imperative to preventing back injuries that can be caused by normal, everyday activities such as lifting storage boxes or shovelling snow. Here are some great ballet barre workout exercises you can do multiple times a week or even daily that can keep your back strong and flexible... View full article →
March 24, 2015

Using Ballet Barres for Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Over 30 million Americans suffer back pain at any given time and over 80% of the population of the United States will suffer from it in their lifetime. Using ballet barres for physical therapy is not uncommon and can be very useful for helping people recover from back problems... View full article →
March 16, 2015

Three Ways to Blast Your Core at the Barre

Crunches are classic, but they are quick to bore (and strain the neck and back). Spice up your ab workout routine with these three barre exercises you can do at home... View full article →