Freedom to Change Your Mind: Why Portable Barres are Superior to Wall Mounts

Second thoughts are extremely common in pretty much all aspects of life. It's not uncommon to buy something, put it in its designated space and love it, only to look at the same object months later and hate the placement. Most of the time this wouldn't be a big deal. However, it the object is mounted to the wall, it complicates things.  

Avoid Second-Thought Dilemmas 

If you own a ballet studio, you have two choice when it comes to ballet barres. You can go with the wall-mounted option, or you could choose a portable ballet barre instead. If you choose to get a wall-mounted barre, you run the risk of regretting its placement later. You might realize it doesn't allow the room to flow, it's in the way, or you simply want to change things around. If your barre is mounted to the wall, moving it becomes a huge, time-consuming, and costly task. It's not a quick, easy fix and you'll probably end up keeping it where it is even though there are problems with that location just to avoid all the hassle. 

Give Yourself Freedom to Change Your Mind

If you use a portable ballet barre instead of the wall-mounted option, you give yourself some freedom to change your mind, rearrange, or simply move it out of the way if you need more space. The beauty of a portable barre is that if you decide later that you want to move it to the other side of the room, or you just need extra space for a day, you can easily move the barre without hassle or expense. 

Reap the Benefits of a Portable Barre's Versatility

The other benefit to portable ballet barres that the wall-mounted option doesn't give is that you can fit dancers on both sides of the barre, not just one. This gives you twice the dancing space without taking up any more room. Plus, it's simple and cost effective since one barre does the job of two. 

If you own a ballet studio and want to give yourself the freedom to change your mind, rearrange, increase space, and reap the benefits of two barres for the cost of one, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you soon.