Boss Ballet Barres are the ultimate portable ballet barre for working out and training. They are suitable for both experienced dancers, as well as those who are just beginning. Even if you don’t dance and instead just want to exercise, or increase your mobility, you can use our ballet barres to help support your active lifestyle. All of our models fit perfectly in homes, studios or schools

The benefits of our free-standing ballet barres are tremendous. You can improve your dance skills, learn something new, improve overall health, increase muscle mass, manage your weight, as well as decrease your risk of injury.  We offer several types of portable ballet barres for sale. They are all made with the highest quality materials, including our highly durable structural steel tubes. Our products are durable enough to be used as a studio dance barre as well as your at-home barre.

Choose the best ballet barre for your needs:

Pro Series: The strongest, most durable ballet barres, and are great for schools, or dance and fitness studios
Intermediate Series: These ballet barres are great portable exercise barres for smaller studios and homes.
Princess Barre: These barres are great for young, beginning dancers.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty with all of our portable ballet barres. Contact us today for more information or to find out which barres best fit your lifestyle.


Strong Portable Ballet Barres

December 06, 2019

We understand that starting any new type of exercise routine or fitness routine can be exciting, but also very intimidating. It will not matter if it is your first time participating in a class or if it is the first time you have participated in months or years. A barre class is a meticulous workout that will combine various types of workouts, including the following


    Barres That Create a Strong Foundation

    November 28, 2019

    Purchasing barres that are both strong and portable is one of the best decisions a teacher can make. Barre is the foundation for the entire class and prepares a student's body for the more strenuous work to come. Nothing solid can be built on a tenuous foundation. That is why it is imperative to ensure that students have the best possible equipment for their training. The strength and portability of a barre are an asset and here are some reasons why!
    Why Steel Should be Your Favorite Metal

    November 22, 2019

    With over three times the load-bearing capacity of aluminum (let alone old-fashioned wood) steel tubing is the material dancers and fitness students need to support them. Combined with a powder-coated finish and lightweight, durable construction, it remains smooth and strong for countless hard-wearing years.