Reasons You May Need Physical Therapy and How Ballet Barres May Help

Whether you are currently undergoing physical therapy or it is simply a possibility in the future, you do not need to feel alone. Many people, for a variety of reasons, need physical rehab services at some point in their lives. We will look at three examples of the types of people who often use physical therapy services.


The exact physical rehab services a person needs after a stroke depends upon that specific person. For some people, services may consist of simply helping specific muscle groups to work together properly. In more extreme cases, the person may need to relearn skills, such as walking. Sometimes, the person has to relearn skills, accounting for continuing disabilities, such as loss of muscle function in one arm, caused by the stroke. 

Car Accident

Car accident victims may suffer from an assortment of injuries, including broken bones, whiplash, and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The exact physical rehabilitation services required after a car accident will depend upon the injuries suffered. Physical therapy might be used to restore range-of-motion to affected areas. Often, the doctor will encourage the person to do these exercises at home as well.


Post-surgery, many people require physical therapy. Therapy services are often focused on helping the patient to regain use of the affected body parts. The patient might be given exercises to do at home to speed up the healing and recovery process.

While physical therapy at home should not replace therapy conducted by a certified physical therapist, having the right resources at home allows you to perform physical therapy exercises at your house. One of these resources is a ballet barre. They allow you to stretch and perform some of the same exercises you are doing in physical therapy while also allowing you to use the barre for support and balance.  

Contact us to learn more about how you can use a ballet barre at your home for physical therapy.  

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