4 Barre Moves to Solve Your Knee Problems

Barre is one of the most versatile exercises out there, allowing for modifications based on your needs. For people who worry about the burden exercise can place on the knees, barre is still an option. Making some changes to your routine could make your exercise effective without leading to injury.

1. Ball-Squeeze Squat

The squat is a common issue for those who struggle with knee issues, but there are some modifications you can do to ease any pain. Keep your feet pointed straight and hold a spongy ball between your thighs as you squat down. Stand with your feet hip-width apart as you do this, keeping your core actively engaged. If you feel up to it, lift up to your toes and complete a rep with a calf raise.

2. Squat to Lunge

Barre routines often involve lots of pulsing movements, but this may not feel the best for your knees. Instead, use deeper movements that will engage your core as well as your legs. It is easier to do this when you stand with your feet wider apart during your squat, keeping your toes slightly shifted toward the outside rather than straight ahead. Then, convert your squat by rotating your body and lifting one heel so that you are then in a lunge. Come back to the center for another rep.

3. Use Second Position

The second position is commonly used for barre routines, but it often requires you to go up into a calf raise. If you have aching knees, perform these exercises with flat feet instead. The goal is to keep your knees over your ankles, not to overextend them.

4. Use a Towel

A towel or other band can be a great help during your barre routine. When you find it difficult to lift your knee up as high as you need to, use a towel or band to hold your foot up as high as is comfortable. This prevents overextension of your knee and discomfort, all the while allowing you to squat and move naturally.

Even if you contend with knee issues on a regular basis, you can benefit from the workout that a portable barre offers. With a few modifications to the routine, you can put your new portable barre to work. Want to learn more about using a barre at home? Contact us for more information.