October 05, 2015

Hop on the Ballet Bandwagon: Portable Ballet Barres for Fitness Centers

Looking to compete with other gyms and studios? Investing in a portable ballet barre or two could send those niche workout lovers leaping through your doors. View full article →
September 21, 2015

Pairing Pilates and Barre for a Total Workout

When pilates and barre join forces, the result is a body filled to the brim with both strength and flexibility. Combining isometric holds with controlled movements means a low-impact but high-result workout. Take for example the barre3 method, which you can easily do at home with your portable ballet barre... View full article →
September 16, 2015

Bros at the Barre: 3 Myths That Keep Guys Away

Today we’re dismantling three of the biggest misconceptions that might be keeping you from trying the barre out — whether you’re a guy or not... View full article →
September 03, 2015

Creating a Sacred Space for Your Home Studio

Outside the pressures of the studio, a "ballet space" in your home will offer you a private place to revive and renew... View full article →
August 24, 2015

Use A Portable Ballet Barre For Better Balance in Yoga Class or At Home

We all expect to see a barre when we enter a ballet or dance studio. But did you ever think about the benefits a barre can bring to your yoga practice? View full article →
August 17, 2015

Petite Yet Powerful: Why Your Small Studio Needs Portable Ballet Barres

They’re not a convenient luxury reserved for the big guys; using portable ballet barres in small studios is a clever way to squeeze every usable bit out of your petite yet powerful space... View full article →
August 12, 2015

Three Reasons Portable Barres Suit Professional Dance Companies

We’ve got three big reasons why portable barres for professional dance companies are a smart investment, at small and large studios alike... View full article →
July 31, 2015

Back on Track: Ballet Barres for Rehabilitation

If you’re recovering from an injury, have a chronic condition, or just want to add gentle, low-impact movements to your fitness regimen, a ballet barre workout could be just what your doctor (or whining joints) ordered... View full article →
July 29, 2015

Five Essentials for Ballet Barre Fitness

When you put your hand on the ballet barre, it's time you reserve for yourself with no distractions. So what should every budding ballerina bring to the barre to maintain focus and a worry-free workout? View full article →
July 23, 2015

Power Snacks for Ballet Barre Fitness

Ballet barre fitness may look dainty and graceful, but we all know it's hard work! And hard work requires the kind of food that will help your body power through an hour of relevè madness and build long, lean muscles afterwards. Here are our top power fuel suggestions for every type of barre class... View full article →