Pros and Cons of Wall Mount Versus Portable Barres

When deciding whether to invest in wall mount or portable barres for your dance or fitness studio, there are a number of things to consider. There are pros and cons to each, so this blog can help when making the decision. 

Wall Mounted Barres

Pros:  Wall mounted barres, when installed correctly will be extremely sturdy. This is more important if your students or clients will be using the barres for weight-baring activities, like some exercises in barre fitness where the client is pulling against the barre with all of their weight. Also, mounted barres are always ready to be used and don't need to be put away.

Cons: A wall mounted barre can only be used on one side, meaning more barres need to be installed to hold more dancers. A dance or fitness studio will have at least one wall with only mirrors, meaning installing a barre on that wall is going to be more challenging. In addition, the barres cannot be moved if the room needs to be used for another purpose.

Portable Barres

Pros: Free-standing barres from Boss Ballet Barres are made from the strongest structural steel, making them able to support the weight of a dancer's leg for example, with the flexibility of a portable barre. Dancers can be positioned on both sides of the barre, doubling the number of dancers or clients you are able to fit in the studio. Some portable barres are a hassle to assemble, but Boss Ballet Barres eliminate this with their quick connection set-up using one hex key, not multiple tools. They are simple to set up, tear down, and put away. 

Cons: There are very few cons to using a portable barre when you purchase the high-quality barres provided from Boss Ballet Barres. However, you may find other portable ballet barres are difficult to set up and tear down, a pain to move, and feel flimsy and not supportive.

While there are pros and cons to both, portable ballet barres are the best way to go for an initial investment that is affordable with the strength you need for your dancers and clients. Contact us today for more information.