Why Our Portable Barres are Perfect for Small Studios

Having a small ballet studio has its challenges. Your studio might not have all the flair and pizzazz a large, well-known studio boasts of, but that doesn't mean you can't offer your attendees a fantastic workout and a great experience. Size isn't everything. Even if your studio is tiny, you can still provide top-quality equipment to your attendees. 

Why Choose Our Barres? 

We understand that not all studios are the same, and not all ballet barres are created equal, which is why we didn't create a "one size fits all" barre and call it a day. When we designed our barres, we decided we wanted to provide everyone with access to the amazing workout that a ballet barre offers. So,  we designed a variety of sizes and made our barres portable. So, no matter what size your studio may be, you can easily fit one of our ballet barres inside. 

Easy to Move and Store

Your space is extremely important when you're working with a small area. The ability to easily move the barre from a storage closet or back room to the studio floor in no time at all is highly beneficial to you. It frees you up to use the space for dance, without having the barre constantly in the way. You might think that because it's easily moved, that it's flimsy. Don't worry. It's not. Our barres are very durable. Even our four-foot barre can support the weight of two people at a time. 


While space is certainly a factor when deciding on a purchase, your budget is equally important. Our barres are high-quality, but they don't come attached to high prices. With our barres, you can easily equip your studio with a fantastic way to strengthen core and increase flexibility without taking up too much space or creating a burden on your finances. 

We go out of our way to provide excellent service to studios both large and small, giving everyone an opportunity to equip their studio with the best barres available, no matter what the size. If you're interested in one of our versatile barres, please don't hesitate to contact us today. 

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