Build your at-home studio for best ballet barre value!

Are you looking to get an amazingly fit body of a ballet dancer? But you don't want to invest the time and money on Barre classes? Well we have the perfect solution for you! Building a studio in your home for is a great way to save time, money, and gives you freedom. You can build a workout routine that best supports your schedule. Wouldn't you like being able to get your to-do list done and fit in your daily workout? In no time you will accomplish your goal in having that beautifully sculpted body that you desire. So here are a some tips in how you can build your own studio. 

  1. Space!!- Having enough space is key when creating your at-home barre workout studio. You want to make sure that you have as much room as possible. When you have this is makes it a lot easier to workout out in fluidity. 
  2. The ballet barre- According to NY daily news, "You could consider investing in a portable ballet barre." But if you aren't interested in purchasing a barre; there are more options that are cost-free. You can use a chair that you have around your house or pretty much any sturdy object at an appropriate height. It's all about what you feel good with because it is you that is working on you!
  3. Non slip surface- It is best recommended that you create this studio with a non slip surface beneath you. As stated in this article, the use of a yoga mat is necessary for the traction of your feet. Having this tool will help your workout go smoothly.
  4. Have fun!- This by far is the most important tip. Having fun is key to any workout   and actually keeping up with it. The reason most people don't stick with their           workouts is because they're not enjoying the experience. So put on your favorite      song and get to it!  And most importantly have fun!

I hope you found these tips helpful and informative. Let us know what your experience was, (contact us) Happy dancing!