Finding the Best Ballet Barre Value

When renovating or creating a dance or fitness studio, the question comes up—how can I find the best value when purchasing ballet barres? There are a lot of options out there. Just a simple Amazon search will prove that to you. But it's hard to know when shopping for barres if you are getting the best value. What if a DIY project could save you a lot of money? Or what if top-of-the-line barres are the best way to go?

At Boss Ballet Barres, we believe value comes from a reliable product and a reasonable price. Sure, you could throw up a DIY barre, either wall-mounted or portable. But is that really going to support your dancers like you need it to? Or you could call in a contractor to install wall-mounted barres. But is the cost really worth it? 

Portable Barre Value

Boss Portable Ballet Barres have the best value for several reasons. Here are a few features our customers appreciate.

  • Our barre come in many sizes so they are easy to customize to your space without having to pay extra to customize a product you are looking to buy.
  • To state the obvious, our barres are portable. This means you have complete control of your space. If you want barres available for your dancers, you can easily set them up or bring them out of storage. If you want all of your space free, they are easy to take apart and put away.
  • Boss Barres are reliable. Our barres are made from steel, not wood, and they are built to last. Just to prove how strong they are, we put a picture on our website to show dancers sitting on top of the barre. We'd like to see a DIY barre that can do that!

For more information on how portable ballet barres can get you the best value when shopping for barres, contact us today.