Home Gyms Can Benefit from Portable Ballet Barres

Home Gyms Can Benefit from Portable Ballet Barres

You wake up every day with the best intentions to get to the gym. But then it’s the kids and the drive, and the weather and hey, there’s a new Netflix series to binge and the kids are FINALLY in bed, and wine just seems like a better idea. Another day turns into another month, and that gym membership you thought was going to motivate you in January is doing nothing but mocking you in May. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone, 80 percent of gym memberships are abandoned within 5 months.  

We lead busy lives and have busy schedules, but we know that fitness is important. Making time for it is key, and many people are turning to home gyms and incorporating our free-standing barre for their own home barre workout. With our quick assembly and easy portability, your barre can be ready for use in minutes in even the smallest spaces.

If You’ve Got the Time, We’ve Got the Barre. Don’t get too hung up on the idea of that you must have a dedicated room for a home gym. Our barres can fit in the tightest of spaces, or can even be used in your living room and put away after use. The important thing is that you dedicate the time to do it.

Workout When You Like. We all have certain times of the day where we feel more focused and productive. If you’re dragging yourself to an 8 AM class when you’re not at your best, your effort level may not be maximized. You’ll have a better workout and results if you listen to your body clock. Want to work out at 9:47 PM? No problem. Your portable ballet barre is your most flexible workout friend.

Flashdance Like No One is Watching. You want to rock your tattered off the shoulder sweater and leg warmers to do your barre routine? Go ahead. In your own gym, you can wear what you want, dance to the music you want and no one will judge you. You will get an excellent workout, increase your flexibility and tone your muscles right in your own home.   

Want advice on the best size for your home gym? We’re happy to help! Contact us, and a friendly representative will help you choose the best barre for your buck.