December 02, 2015

3 Reasons to Exercise Like a Dancer

Working out is about muscle-building and fat-loss. Ballerina workouts focus specifically on maintaining lean muscle... View full article →
October 29, 2015

Training for Ballet Barre Fitness Success

Just as any runner would train for their sport, there's also a lot you can do to strengthen yourself for barre class outside of the gym... View full article →
October 23, 2015

Ballet Barre Fitness for the Non-Ballerina

Considering barre class but not sure if it's right for you? We understand. Stepping into any dance-based exercise class is intimidating when you haven't exactly been practicing your plies since kindergarten... View full article →
October 05, 2015

Hop on the Ballet Bandwagon: Portable Ballet Barres for Fitness Centers

Looking to compete with other gyms and studios? Investing in a portable ballet barre or two could send those niche workout lovers leaping through your doors. View full article →
September 21, 2015

Pairing Pilates and Barre for a Total Workout

When pilates and barre join forces, the result is a body filled to the brim with both strength and flexibility. Combining isometric holds with controlled movements means a low-impact but high-result workout. Take for example the barre3 method, which you can easily do at home with your portable ballet barre... View full article →
September 16, 2015

Bros at the Barre: 3 Myths That Keep Guys Away

Today we’re dismantling three of the biggest misconceptions that might be keeping you from trying the barre out — whether you’re a guy or not... View full article →
September 03, 2015

Creating a Sacred Space for Your Home Studio

Outside the pressures of the studio, a "ballet space" in your home will offer you a private place to revive and renew... View full article →
August 24, 2015

Use A Portable Ballet Barre For Better Balance in Yoga Class or At Home

We all expect to see a barre when we enter a ballet or dance studio. But did you ever think about the benefits a barre can bring to your yoga practice? View full article →
August 17, 2015

Petite Yet Powerful: Why Your Small Studio Needs Portable Ballet Barres

They’re not a convenient luxury reserved for the big guys; using portable ballet barres in small studios is a clever way to squeeze every usable bit out of your petite yet powerful space... View full article →
August 12, 2015

Three Reasons Portable Barres Suit Professional Dance Companies

We’ve got three big reasons why portable barres for professional dance companies are a smart investment, at small and large studios alike... View full article →