Three Ways Ballet Barre Physical Therapy Can Help With Back Pain

Millions of people suffer from back pain each and every day. It's a common occurrence, a nuisance we've grown accustomed to. People whose job requires them to sit for long hours at a time often suffer the most. The muscles in your back don't reap the benefits gained from stretching or frequent use, and therefore they suffer. Getting a massage can help alleviate the pain for a while, it won't target the underlying problem. You need to use your back muscles and stretch them out a little to truly correct the issue. 

Ballet Barres: Stretching Unused Muscles

You've probably heard the term "use it or lose it" before. This is true for your body as much as anything else. Unused muscles don't function correctly. They tense up and cause you pain because they're not getting the care and attention they need to be healthy and strong. If you sit for hours at a time, you neglect to care for your back, and pain is the consequence. There's not much you can do during work hours if your job demands that you stay at your desk all day, but after work, you should take the much-needed steps to ensure your back gets the attention that it requires. Since ballet barre workouts focus a large amount of time on stretching your back, it's a perfect solution for back pain caused by tense, unused muscles. It will help alleviate the pain now, and continued use will help your muscles stay loose and fully functional. 

Ballet Barres: Improved Posture

Along with stretching your back, ballet barre workouts also promote good posture, which is helpful to your body, your breathing, and your overall health. By training yourself to be mindful of your posture, you're more likely to sit correctly and stand better throughout the day, which of course, will help eliminate any of your pain that was caused by improper posture.

Ballet Barre: Core Strengthening 

Ballet Barre exercises also target your core. Since your core muscles and back muscles often work together, you're getting double the benefits in one simple workout. The stronger your core gets, the more pressure it takes off of your back. These workouts are not hard to do, they're not high impact, so they won't do more harm than good, and they're helpful both now and long-term. No wonder ballet barres are increasing in popularity both as a workout and a helpful tool in physical therapy. 

If you suffer from back pain and would like to stretch your muscles in an easy, low-impact workout that will help alleviate your pain, improve your posture, and strengthen unused muscles, then please contact us today.