4 Ways Portable Ballet Barres Can Cut Down Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a serious issue leading to weakened and often fractured bones, especially in older women. Even if you are a younger woman, you can take precautions now to prevent osteoporosis in your future. Essentially, portable ballet barre routines could be the key to keeping osteoporosis at bay.

1. Barre Routines Improve Flexibility

Much like yoga, barre strengthens the hips and spine, improving flexibility. Better flexibility makes you less likely to fall, but if you do fall, you are less likely to be seriously injured. Injuries to the bones can weaken them, leading to further issues later on. 

2. Barre Can Be Performed Outside

When you buy a portable barre, you can take your workout outside. The benefit for your bones is that it allows you to soak up Vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for maintaining strong bones. 

3. Ballet Barre Improves Stability

In addition to helping to keep your bone mass up, barre routines help to reduce your possibility of falling. It does this by strengthening your leg muscles and core, allowing you to stay steady on your feet.

4. Barre Workouts Improve Your Posture

When you have bad posture, you have an increased chance of experiencing a spine fracture. For a healthy back and preventative measures taken against sloping shoulders, barre may be the answer.


Working out with your portable barre is about much more than being healthy today. It's also about laying the pavement for a better future for your body. Want to learn more about the benefits of barre for your health? Contact us to learn more.