Four Features That Make Boss Ballet Barres the Strongest Portable Ballet Barres on the Market

Whether you are practicing for the big show, doing a strenuous workout routine, or simply having a nice morning stretch, you want only the most supportive, durable ballet bar to work with. Boss Ballet Barres is regarded in the industry as producers of the strongest portable ballet barres on the market. What makes our barres stand out? Below we've provided our top four features that make our portable ballet barres the strongest, most durable, and trusted barres for use in both homes and dance studios!

1. Steel vs Aluminum:

While many portable ballet barres on the market or made of aluminum, our ballet barres are made from structural steel. What makes this such an important feature? Steel is heavier, less likely to contort, bend or dent in comparison to aluminum. In addition, steel has longevity, and will stand the test of time in comparison to aluminum. While aluminum is one of the stronger materials used in the manufacturing of ballet barres, unlike steel, it will eventually begin to wear under years of repeatedly applied pressure.

2. Stability Foot Pieces:

Our advanced stability foot pieces drastically increase the sturdiness of our portable ballet barres. With an exclusive 'grooved' design, our foot pieces allow for a better grip on all types of surfaces so you never need worry about your barre slipping away during use. They have an incredible life expectancy of up to ten years. While our foot pieces can't outlast the life of our steel barres, they are also available to purchase separately allowing for easy replacement as needed.

3. Heat-applied Coated Finishes:

Our bars are treated with a heat-applied powder coated finish to help prevent chipping so your barre will stay smooth and beautiful for years!

4. Specially Designed Pro Series Barres:

Our Boss Ballet Pro Series has a special design so strong it allows for elimination of a third footing at the center of the barre with little or no sagging! Created with a larger diameter tube than used for our intermediate dance barres, the pro series is sturdy enough support multiple dancers at once, therefore ideal for daily use in school and studio settings. 

Still have questions about our portable ballet barres? Please feel free to contact us!