3 Benefits of Portable Barres

3 Benefits of Portable Barres

Many dancers and fitness trainers, professional and amateur, use barres in their exercise routines to increase strength and flexibility. Whether you are looking for a barre for your school, studio, or home, consider three benefits of free-standing, portable barres as opposed to wall-mounted barres.

1. Easy installation

Made of durable structural steel tubes, Boss Ballet Barres are easy to assemble, requiring only a hex key, which is included. You will not need to search for wall studs or drill holes in the wall as installing wall-mounted barres requires. You can put together and take apart free-standing barres easily.

2. Portable

You are not limited as to where you can place your free-standing barres. You can place them in the middle of the room during your barre workout and put them aside when not in use. If you have a portable barre in your home, you can conveniently move it to different rooms, or a different house, as needed. If you are leasing a studio, consider portable barres to make any future relocation simple and easy.

3. Maximize space

Since you can move our free-standing barres easily, you can make the most efficient use of limited space. In contrast to wall-mounted barres, students and individuals can use both sides of free-standing barres at the same time. This means that twice as many people can use the same length of barre as a barre fixed to a wall, saving space and saving money.

Free-standing barres offer advantages over wall-mounted barres. Please contact us to learn more.