4 Great Ways to Cross Train with Pilates and Barre Routines

Even if you perform your pilates and barre routines daily, you may not see the results you want. Why could this be? Well, it could be that you simply are not working out as many muscles as you could be. Variety is the spice of life, but it could also be the key to seeing amazing results in your body. These exercises will show you how to change up your routine for maximum efficiency.

1. Running

While your barre routine does help you build up muscles, you could be missing out on some excellent cardio. Running even two or three times each week helps to perk up your heart rate, burning fat and building endurance as it does. 

2. Hiking

You don't have to run to see the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Hiking, especially in a region with small hills, is a great way to build muscle and boost that heart rate.

3. Dancing

Barre and ballet are not the only types of movement you can do at home for great results. Mix up your routine with some dancing, whether it be hip-hop or tap. The movement will sustain the work you've accomplished with pilates and barre routines as well as increase your flexibility.

4. Strength Training

Monkey bars aren't just for kids! If you spend a lot of time on the barre, maybe it's time to work on the arms. You do not have to lift weights to reap the benefits. When was the last time you swung from rings? When was the last time you hung upside down or did a flip? It may be time to hit the playground again.

Training a variety of different muscles is great for more than your results. It also encourages your body to become more flexible, preventing injury when you work on your favorite barre and pilates routines. Want to learn more about barre work? Contact us for more information.