Best Ballet Barre Value for Parents Who Want to Raise Active Teens

Parents have good reason to be concerned about whether teens are getting enough activity, and finding the best ballet barre value could be the solution to your worries. Would you believe the average 19 year old is as sedentary as a 60 year old?

That disturbing news came from a recent Johns Hopkins study that got us thinking about practical ways parents could use exercise barres to turn things around. The Hopkins researchers recommended focusing on mornings and late afternoons as good opportunities to increase activity levels, and including lower intensity activities in your efforts.

With an exercise barre in your home, your teen can practice anytime, so they're more likely to do some exercises before and after school. They can even work out while they're on the phone or taking breaks during their homework and studies. In fact, barre work is ideal for helping them build up strength, balance and flexibility that will help protect them from injuries and enhance their performance so they may have more interest in participating in all kinds of sports and other wholesome fun.

Plus, while exercise barres are not just for girls, your daughters may find them especially beneficial. More than 50% of males and 75% of females aged 12 to 19 are not meeting the World Health Organization guidelines for at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Boss Ballet Barres are strong enough for studio use, and affordable and versatile enough to suit any home. Contact us today to see how an exercise barre can help your teens and your whole family stay fit and strong.