Portable Ballet Barre: Why Should You Give It A Whirl?

Not everyone who wants to participate in a barre class has a background in dance. You do not have to be a person who has this super flexibility, nor do you have to be elegant. It does not matter if you are trying to heal from an injury, if you are on a beginner or expert level, or even if you are pregnant, you can have a barre workout that is designed to fit all of your needs and capabilities. 

We know you are probably still wondering if a barre workout is right for you. Take a look at these reasons why you should at least give a barre workout a try. 

You Can Leave Your Worries Behind

If you need an hour to just get away from the frustrations and struggles of life, you will love a barre workout. You will not have time to think about all the frustrating things that are happening in your daily life. You will not play mental mind games with yourself during a barre workout. You will have to completely focus on what you are supposed to be doing, and this means you will only be concentrating on the portable ballet barre in front of you. 

No Need For The Weights

If you want to increase your strength but you are not a fan of weights, you will love using your portable ballet barre. You will have a variety of movements that will use your body weight. You will go through a variety of push-ups, crunches, etc. Depending on your ballet barre class, you may use hand weights, but this should be an easy task for you to handle, right?

Taking A Break

How long do you usually take when you have a lunch break at work? Do you want to workout during your lunch break? If so, why not try barre? After you participate in barre, you will not have to go home and take a long shower in order to feel better before you head back to work. After you participate in barre, you can change your clothes and still feel good enough to return to work. If you prefer not to do this during your lunch break, you can do this before work or after work if you choose. 

Have we convinced you to give a portable ballet barre a try? Contact us today.