Why a Portable Ballet Barre is Perfect for the Whole Family

Whether you're a dancer or just someone wanting to keep fit, a portable ballet barre is a great addition to your home. If you've tried a ballet barre and its quality disappointed you, consider giving a Boss Ballet Barre a try. Each portable ballet barre we produce is extremely stable and made from structural steel. If you haven't yet tried a ballet barre in your home, the enjoyment gained when using one might surprise you, even if you're not a dancer!

We have multiple barre types to meet each family member’s need:

Princess Barre - Do you have a youngster who dreams of becoming a dancer? A princess barre makes a wonderful gift. This barre is compact, lightweight, and it's shorter to fit a child's height. It comes with an adjustable bottom bar, and the pink color is sure to please. This barre is a great starting point for a beginning dancer or even for a young child who simply wants to have fun through dance.

Intermediate Series Barre - For older children and adults, our Intermediate Series Barre is ideal for 1-2 dancers or for anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass and/or manage their weight. It's easily moved from one room to another for everyone's convenience. Design your own barre workout routine or use a pre-recorded, barre fitness video for maximum results.

Pro Series Barre - If you have a professional dancer or multiple dancers in your family, our Pro Series Barre is the strongest freestanding barre available. It utilizes larger tubes for maximum strength and is extra durable. This type of barre can support up to 10 dancers, depending on the size you select, and will easily withstand daily practice sessions. You can even hold your own classes!

Contact us for more information, and let our experts help you pick the right portable ballet barre for your family.