How to Take Your Dance Studio to the Next Level

Do you feel like your dance studio is stuck in a rut? Want to grow your small studio, but don't know how? Are your classes getting to big? Here are a few ways to help you take your place to the next level.

Social Media Presence - Having a social media presence is key to a successful business. Using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to garner attention for your studio. You can post about classes, achievements, dances facts, and pictures. Remember, don't post any pictures of children without their parent's consent.

Have bigger classes - If you are a small studio, then your space might be limited. One way to be able to have bigger classes is with a portable ballet barre. If you move the barre out into the middle of the room, you aren't confined to the walls. This enables you to have bigger class sizes for ballet. To learn more about portable ballet barres, contact us.

Offer a few exercise classes - Offering a small selection of exercise classes is a great way to increase traffic and bring in more clientele. Since these are mostly geared towards adults, you can schedule them later in this evening. Some options for different exercise classes to offer are Zumba, or any type of cardio dance class, or a ballet barre workout class. 

Taking your dance studio to the next level can seem daunting, but as you reach out to your community and open up more classes and class times, you will find your business growing.

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