Using Ballet Barres for Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Over 30 million Americans suffer back pain at any given time and over 80% of the population of the United States will suffer from it in their lifetime. Using ballet barres for physical therapy is not uncommon and can be very useful for helping people recover from back problems.

Ballet barre exercises already offer a low-impact method in which to exercise and they can affect many joints and muscles, giving you a full-body workout. It’s additionally useful for physical therapy because the barre can offer you varying degrees of support depending on your need and condition.

What makes ballet barres ideal for sufferers of back pain in particular, is that many exercises involve the stretching of your back muscles which can help alleviate the pain. Also the more limber and flexible your back muscles are, the more likely you are to avoid back problems all together, so if you have a job that doesn’t allow you much exercise and you have to spend a lot deal of time sitting down, you should give serious thought to taking a ballet barre exercise course.

The exercises also help build up core strength, which can also help with back issues.

Additionally, since ballet exercises focus so much on your posture and standing correctly, it can also help train you to stand better throughout the rest of the day, helping to reduce any back pain that may be caused from an improper posture.

Due to the success of ballet barres in physical therapy, many exercise studios have joined forces with physical therapists, to design special courses using barres to help build muscles and combat preexisting conditions.

For more information on the right kind of ballet barre to use for physical therapy, please contact us. We would love to help you.