The Portable Ballet Barre Solution for People Who Work Out Before Bed

If you find yourself wondering whether it's okay to work out close to bedtime, you're not alone. There's been a long-running debate about whether exercising in the evening interferes with the quality of sleep. However, recent studies have some good news for night owls, and a portable ballet barre can be an ideal choice for those after-dinner exercise sessions.

Advantages to working out in the evening: Scheduling your exercise late in the day may be a matter of individual preference or necessity. Not everyone is an early bird who enjoys getting up before dawn. Even if you are an early riser, you may not be able to squeeze in any time for yourself if you have other responsibilities like getting your kids to school on time.

Whatever the reason behind your schedule, you may be happy to know that only a small percentage of adults find that late-day physical activity interferes with sleep. The vast majority find that it actually helps them sleep better. Plus, you're likely to burn more calories overnight because your metabolism will be stimulated.

Advantages to using a portable ballet barre: Of course, you don't want to go to extremes either. A fast-paced soundtrack and lively group class could be too stimulating. On the other hand, some quiet exercises on your own portable barre could be the perfect bedtime ritual. It's certainly a great replacement for late-night TV or internet browsing that makes it difficult to fall asleep because your brain gets exposed to excess light and distractions.

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