Pilates and Barre: Good for More Than Just Your Body

Pilates and Barre: Good for More Than Just Your Body

Pilates and barre are great methods of exercise. They build total body strength, increase flexibility, and improve balance. There is no mistaking the grace and physique of someone who regularly enjoys a Pilates or barre session. Did you know that these methods are good for more than just your body? Read on to learn more about the benefits of a barre based Pilates exercise regimen.

Better Brain Function 

A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the Journal of Physical Activity & Health  found that people who engage in mind-body exercises like Pilates and barre experienced more increases in brain function than those who just performed aerobic exercise. 

Better Nervous System Function

Pilates and barre are both designed to activate the muscles at a deeper level, strengthening them in a functional way. Every time you move, your brain sends a signal to your muscle fibers through your spinal cord. When you engage in the kind of deep core activation created by Pilates or barre, your brain begins to communicate with your muscle fibers in a much more dynamic way to accommodate this movement. Do this regularly, and you will create a clear channel for your nervous system to communicate with your body.

Calm Mind

If you've ever taken a Pilates or barre class, you know this feeling! The feeling that you've gotten in a great workout, but feel refreshed and rejuvenated, both in your body and mind. When you engage in a mind-body practice, you are focusing on your body, and more importantly, your breath. You're not zoning out to the tv on a stationary bike, or squeezing in a few more bicep curls between texts. By linking the movement of the body, with the breath you are tuning in to how your body feels, and tapping in to the meditative aspect of rhythmic movement. 

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