Perfect Barres For Studios Small & Large

So you want to open your own dance studio, maybe it's time to upgrade, or perhaps you are outgrowing your current studio and need to think about a larger space. No matter which of these apply to you, there ARE a multitude of things to consider - everything from what color to paint the walls to what kind of equipment you need. 

The one thing every dance studio needs is ballet barres. Despite the name, these fundamental pieces of equipment are not just for ballet dancers. Every single type of dance you could possibly teach would benefit from having a good set of professional ballet barres. Barres give dancers a place to stretch as well as offering stability as dancers strengthen their bodies and learn new moves.

Freestanding ballet barres are ideal for most studios. They offer the ability to expand your class size by allowing students to work on both sides of the dance barre. When classes are done, and it's time to work on routines, the barres are quickly tucked into a corner or along the wall, leaving uninterrupted views in the mirror.

An added bonus is that freestanding barres are portable barres. Can you even count the number of times your competition dancers have had to use random chairs or tables to stretch at a competition? That never needs to happen again if you bring your studio's portable barre for your dancers. Give your dancers a leg up at every competition!

Boss Ballet Barres takes great pride in their products. Whether you need intermediate or pro barres, you will get an outstanding product that will last for years no matter how much you use them. Our barres are made entirely of structural steel - never flimsy plastic or weak aluminum. Every set of barres includes a set of non-marking rubber feet to ensure grip and provide advanced stability. To top it all off, all of our barres are professionally powder coated, ensuring a beautiful finish that is easy to clean and disinfect.

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