Let Barre Transform the Way You Do Cardio

For many of us, cardio comes with bad memories of hitting the treadmill or running laps in gym class. What if you knew that you could get your cardio with your home barre?

That's right. You can achieve cardio fitness with a portable barre. Cardio is important to keep your heart and lungs healthy. It can also be fun.

What Is Cardio Exercise?

You might have heard cardio exercise referred to as aerobic exercise. Cardio helps your heart and lungs supply oxygen to your muscles, which can make your other workouts, including strength and barre, more efficient. Even if you perform frequent strength and resistance training, you can benefit from cardio exercise, including those workouts you do on a barre at home.

Plus cardio, is a great way to relieve stress. You don't have to go for a long run to ensure that you reap the emotional and mental effects of cardio exercise. Cardio barre provides a great way to work through stress while also achieving your best fitness.

What Is Cardio Barre?

Cardio barre combines interval training and cardio exercises based on your ability and fitness level. Cardio barre uses a combination of exercises that keep you moving through large ranges of movement, keeping your entire body moving and your heart rate elevated.

Not sure what kind of movements to incorporate into your home barre routine? Consider jumping lunges, skaters, mountain climbers, and port de bras arms. Your routine might begin with a plank series, move into a cardio series, and then transition into a period of glute and thigh exercises.

Get a Portable Barre for Permanent Cardio Fitness

Improve your cardio health with a portable barre you can use at home. While the barre studio is a great way to improve your form, there are times where you just want to get a workout in at home. Plus, even barre studios can take advantage of Boss Barres, which are designed for high volume use. Add a cardio barre routine to your studio's schedule to help students see results. Contact us to learn more about a portable barre for your home.