Get the Best Ballet Barre Value From Boss Ballet Barres

Get the Best Ballet Barre Value From Boss Ballet Barres

When looking at the costs of the build out of a studio, there are many things to consider. What kinds of renovations will you need to do? What kinds of floors do you want? How many studio spaces will you have? 

Some of these questions will be more easily answered than others, depending on the space you use. Answers may change depending on if you are renting or buying the space. Buying an existing dance studio probably won't require much build out at all, whereas turning a commercial space into a studio may mean you are starting from scratch.

One way you can get the best value on ballet barres is by getting portable ballet barres from Boss Ballet Barres. As the sister company of a steel manufacturer, our barres are the strongest and most reliable on the market. And they provide you with the best value for a few reasons.

First, you won't be having to replace them after a few years because they aren't flimsy and wobbly like some of the other barres out there. Also, portable barres allow you to double the number of students in a class (as opposed to a studio with wall mounted barres) because you can fit students on both sides of the barre. And to top it off, many of our professional series barres are on sale now, with discounts of over $400!

Even if you decide to put wall mounted barres in your studio during your build out, having portable ballet barres around are perfect for adding even more students to your classes and as demonstration barres for teachers. For more information about the best ballet barre values from Boss Ballet Barres, contact us today.