From Beginner to Boss

To a beginner dancer, the ballet barre is the gateway to prima ballerina. To every prima, the ballet barre is how to remain at the top. No matter where the artist is on their professional journey, every dancer needs a suitable barre. Boss Ballet Barres knows that. This is why they have designed a ballet barre that fits the need of every studio, fitness center, or home gym in need of a quality, portable barre to help users thrive.


Whether the user is a beginner ballerina, adult learner, fitness guru, or principal dancer, anybody in need of a quality exercise barre will benefit from Boss Barres. Their portability makes them perfect for a fitness center, home gym, or ballet studio. One simple lift from the center of the room to the wall allows the space to be transformed within seconds. 


Boss Ballet Barres have gone beyond the standard, thin-walled aluminum barres that deform, warp, and change under weight. Boss Barres are made of a strong structural steel, which are much less likely to bend under pressure. The efficient set-up and break-down system with one simple hex key included allows for easy usage.


While most barres are confined to the walls, Boss Ballet Barres allow for mobility and diversity in your space. Rather than a wall bar that only allows a number of dancers to fit during a workout, Boss Ballet Barres can hold more dancers to use the barre on either side. This is both cost effective and spatially helpful.

For every standing ovation, a dancer needs a Boss Ballet Barre. For every pas de deux perfected, a ballerina needs a Boss Ballet Barre. For every fitness goal achieved, a user needs a Boss Ballet Barre. No matter the space, Boss Ballet Barres will fit the unique needs of your workout facility…and turn every beginner into a boss. Contact us to purchase one for your space today!