Barre Fitness: The Benefits it Can Bring to Your Workout

While ballet dancers are often seen as dainty and delicate, their craft requires tremendous amounts of strength and control; the kind that comes from a very specific type of training. It's important for all dancers, ballet especially, to gain and maintain that level of strength without bulking up too much. The best way to achieve that is with ballet barre fitness.


Balance is the key to dancing. And a ballet barre provides the perfect tool for practicing. The barre will help improve your posture and alignment, so that you become more thoroughly in tune with your body. This will help you achieve even the most difficult poses with confidence. With continued practice, your balance will improve greatly as you learn where to place your weight and how to properly position your body during each movement. 


One of the most crucial parts of your body to focus on if you're a dancer is your core. Almost every routine will demand you to have a strong core to properly execute the movements. Unfortunately, it's one of the hardest areas to properly strengthen because many of us are unknowingly missing muscles in that are crucial to core strength. That's where the barre comes in. The ballet barre is one of the greatest core workout tools around. By doing a barre routine you will automatically target those muscles in your core that often get ignored by doing standard core exercises like crunches. The barre helps you target your entire core, and by repeating the movements during your barre routine, build your endurance.

Flexibility and Properly-Working Muscles

If you're a dancer, you are familiar with the complication of tightened muscles. You are in the middle of a dance routine when suddenly your leg spasms or pain shoots down to your foot. This happens when your muscles are not properly stretched. And while doing yoga and pilates can help stretch muscles, the barre pushes your workouts to new levels. With barre, your muscles will get the workout they need to avoid tightening in even the most difficult dance routine. It also helps improve your flexibility. As your muscles loosen and you push yourself to new heights, you'll soon be nailing those difficult leg lifts that were out of your reach before. 

If you want to increase your flexibility, stretch out tight muscles, tighten your core, or gain better balance, then ballet barre is perfect for you. Our portable barres make working out with the barre easier than ever. If you're interested in taking this step to becoming a better dancer, or you have any questions about ballet barres, please don't hesitate to contact us today.  

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