We can't have the jelly without the peanut butter because these two things go hand in hand. Do you want to know what else goes hand in hand? The right alignment and the correct form. You cannot have a proper form without the alignment. Alignment and form are two of the things that will separate strong athletes and superior athletes. 

The focus on form and alignment can be the difference maker when you are searching for a workout that will challenge you while being safe and effective over a workout that will only challenge you for a short period of time. Ballet barres can be used to focus more on alignment because the barres can be used to keep all of your joints protected while enhancing the flexibility you have been searching for.

When alignment is the main focus, you will be able to increase load through your muscles. When you are able to increase load through muscles, you will feel stronger, your muscles will start to become lean, and your joints will start to become healthier. There are various exercises that can be incorporated into a physical therapy workout that can be completed without the risk of re-injuring yourself.

While some people are aware that their heels should be lifted in order to protect their knees, the position or direction of your torso will be the difference maker. When shoulders are stacked over your hips, this will increase the muscle load through the calf muscles and the quad muscles. When the muscle load is maximized, you will have to put in more work and this will ultimately lead to an increase in your metabolism and a release of calories. 

Proper alignment is key to engaging all the muscles while reducing the contraction of the upper areas of your body. Ballet barres can be the key to helping you remain safe while improving your body. If you have any questions about how ballet barres can be used for physical therapy, contact us today.