Petite Yet Powerful: Why Your Small Studio Needs Portable Ballet Barre

Petite Yet Powerful: Why Your Small Studio Needs Portable Ballet Barres

They’re not a convenient luxury reserved for the big guys; using portable ballet barres in small studios is a clever way to squeeze every usable bit out of your petite yet powerful space.

1. Storability

You’re probably clinging to every inch of your precious space, so if you’re going to add something to the studio, it better be storable, right? When your dancers aren’t busy executing a rond de jambe, you can easily push our slim and sleek barres, which come in a model as short as four feet, up against a wall, in the corner of a waiting room, at the end of a hallway, or up against the studio mirror. Out of the way yet easily retrievable. The barres can also do double-duty as a garment rack; hang costumes, leg warmers, jackets, etc. in the waiting room or backstage before a performance.

2. Affordability

From four feet to 14 feet, we have several different models to suit your small studio’s budget, and this is one instance where affordability doesn’t mean subpar construction. Structural steel, baked-on powder coated finish to prevent chipping, ductile-cast galvanized EuroKlemp connectors — okay, that might sound like a bunch of foreign technical mumbo-jumbo to you, so let us translate: these are built to last.

3. Versatility

Small spaces need options — options that barres mounted on the walls can’t always give you. As you roll with the punches that each class, rehearsal, and show springs upon you, you’ll be glad you have the versatility that comes with a portable barre. Make your space cater to you by adjusting room layouts according to your immediate needs. Have two groups of dancers waiting but only one studio space? Set up your barres in the back of the room so one class can start warming up while the other wraps up. Another handy option included is the ability to adjust the center bar up or down to suit different heights, whether you have little ones at the barre who can’t quite reach, or you want to provide your dancers with an alternative stretch positioning.

There you have it: storable, affordable, and versatile — three things small spaces thrive on. Contact us for help amplifying your creative corner.