For dance studio owners looking to remodel, getting a new space, or just pondering how to maximize their studio to fit more dancers, many start to weigh to pros and cons of wall-mounted barres versus portable barres. In this blog post, we consider the two options and share 3 reasons why portable barres are better for your studio than wall-mounted barres.

More Students

Who doesn't want to be able to offer their classes to more students? It's best for everyone. You are able to provide your high-quality ballet training to students in your community, and your business prospers. It's a win-win. But when you max out on space at the wall-mounted barres, you don't have to cap your class size. Simply add portable barres to the center floor to be able to place students on both sides of the barre.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

This can't be said about all portable ballet barres, but at Boss Ballet Barres we were on a mission to create portable ballet barres that were both easy to set up and sturdy enough to support a group of dancers. And that is what we did! We have a simple locking system with an included hex key that is used for set-up and tear-down. The quick set-up doesn't mean any stability is sacrificed. Our barres are made from structural steel and are ready to stand up to daily use in your studio.

More Flexibility for Your Space

We understand not everyone who wants to run a dance program has a dance studio to work in. Many people run dance programs out of community centers, churches, and schools. These places don't allow for wall-mounted barres because the space is multi-purpose. Portable barres mean ballet class can be wherever the dancers are, not necessarily in a dance studio. 

Portable ballet barres offer what wall-mounted barres cannot—twice the student capacity, quick set-up, and more flexible use of space. If you think portable barres are a necessary addition to your dance studio, please contact us today at Boss Ballet Barres.