3 Advantages to Owning a Small Studio

If you run a dance studio in a small studio space, there are a number of advantages over a large studio space. While it may not seem like it, and growth is on your mind, here are 3 advantages we see to operating a small studio.

  1. Use Portable Barres to Save Money and Space: When you have a small space to work with, sometimes you have to get creative with how to get the most out of the space. Portable barres store easily and break down so they aren't taking up a ton of room. Then in class, dancers can stand on either side of the barre, maximizing the number of dancers you can have in each class. Wall-mounted barres only allow for students at one side of the barre.
  2. Save Money on Rent and Utilities as You Grow: Some dance studios have large studio spaces but small class sizes. It is more cost-effective to rent or buy a small space if you are a small studio that is still growing. Heating and cooling that space will also be less expensive.
  3. Build a Strong Community: Sometimes a smaller community can be a stronger community. It's easier to share life and the daily struggles and successes with a community when all your dancers know each other, as well as the staff. When you have a large studio with lots of people coming and going every day of the week it can be harder for people to connect.

The advantages of portable barres, saving money on space and utilities, and a strong community are all reasons why small studios are sometimes the best studios. For more information on the strongest portable ballet barres, contact us today at Boss Ballet Barres.