A Quick Workout You Can Do With Your Portable Ballet Barre

Getting in a workout this time of year is tough! Social events, final exams, and end of year wrap up at work make getting to the gym all but impossible. If you have a portable ballet barre, you can do this quick workout in the comfort of your own home!

Warm up with Sumo Cat/Cow: Stand with your feel wider than hips width, rest your hands on the barre in front of you, and sit back into a sumo squat. Tuck the belly button to the spine and round the back for cat, drop the belly button towards the ground and arch the back for cow. Repeat 5 times.

Simple Toe Taps: Facing the barre, stand in Ballet's second position. Plie, then press up and point the right foot. Repeat, alternating sides for a total of 30 repetitions each side.

Narrow V: Facing the barre, bring the feet into first position. Hover the heels off the ground keeping them lightly touching. Keeping the heels up, plie and straighten for 30 repetitions.

Lunge Pulses: Rest the left hand on the barre and step back into a lunge with the right foot. Bend the right knee towards 90 degrees, and pulse 30 times. Repeat on the other side.

Standing Glute Pulses: Face the barre and rest the hands lightly. With feet slightly turned out, raise the left foot up in back, and pulse 30 times. Repeat on the other side.

Chair Pulse: Still facing the barre, come into a yoga style chair pose. Raise the heels off the ground and begin to pulse up and down, keeping the heels up. Repeat 30 times.

Having a ballet barre in your home is great for getting in a workout at your convenience. Please  contact us to see how you can get yours!