Increase Flexibility With the Strongest Portable Ballet Barres

As a dancer, your flexibility is a main asset that can set you apart from other dancers. To have the most elegant leaps, stunning tilts, and effortless splits, most dancers need to do quite a bit of stretching. That means stretching at home as well as in class. To get the best stretching at home, you need the strongest portable ballet barres on the market from Boss Ballet Barres to help.

Boss Ballet Barres is a company that provides portable ballet barres made from the strongest materials and the best design in the industry. Our portable ballet barres are used in ballet schools, fitness studios, and homes all across North America.

So for your home stretching needs, check out the variety of portable ballet barres we offer. We have varying lengths—from 4 feet home use to 14 feet in-class use. We also have our pro series, perfect to support up to up to 10 dancers, and our intermediate series which is great for the home, or for a demonstration barre.

Once you have a Boss Ballet Barre in your home, you can stretch your extensions and your tilts at the barre. If you are a dancer, you probably have a good idea of some barre stretches you can do at home to increase your flexibility. But if you need some ideas, check out this YouTube video by prima ballerina, Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg. 

If you want to grow as a dancer, having a barre at home to work on your flexibility is a great way to do so. For more information on our products, contact us at Boss Ballet Barres.