Athletic Cross Training With Portable Ballet Barres

As we move into spring, we also move into spring sports. Baseball, Golf, Softball, Track and Field and Lacrosse are just some of the sports that start their season in the spring. Many athletes know the benefit of cross training. It helps them increase muscular strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility in a very different way from their sport specific training programs. Many athletes are starting to turn to the barre for cross training. Barres are versatile training tools, and our portable ballet barres can fit into the home, gyms, and training facilities. Here are just some of the ways barre training can improve athletic performance.

1. Speed. Many sports require athletes to be fast and agile on their feet. In Lacrosse, players need to move fast, and in multiple directions. Barre training that incorporates the foot drills ballet dancers practice in class, emphasize intentional, precise, and fast foot movement.

2. Flexibility. Athletes are known for strong but tight muscles. Track and Field athletes, who spend many hours a week running traditionally have tight hips. This makes them vulnerable to injury! Barre exercises require the hips, as well as other joints to move in a full range of motion, encouraging flexibility in those large muscle groups that tend to be tight.

3. Functional strength. When you engage in a barre routine, your body, and muscle groups are required to work together to complete the exercises. This builds strength in a way that biceps curls, or leg extensions never will. This in turn teaches the muscle groups to work together when it really counts, in competition!

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