Things To Consider When Choosing A Ballet School For Your Child

Choosing a ballet school for your child is an important decision. You may want to just go to the studio down the street, or the one that everyone else is going to. Before enrolling, you want to make sure it's the right studio for your child. Before putting down your deposit, consider the following to make sure you choose the right school for your little ballet dancer!

1. What is your child's goal? Does she want to take ballet lessons for fun? Does he have aspirations of becoming a professional dancer? There is a big difference between a local neighborhood school and a pre-professional one. Discuss this with your child before hand to narrow down the schools you'll consider.

2. Interview the owner. You'll want to know the owner's background as well as the teachers employed by the studio. What is their background in dance? Where have they studied? Do they have any professional dancing experience, or formal training in education. Some studios allow older students to teach the beginner classes. It's fine for a teenager to assist a professional teacher, but you'll want a professional to be in charge of your child's dance education.

3. Observe two classes. Observe the class that your child will enroll in, but also ask to observe a class for the more advanced students. They are the product of the studio. Even if you don't know anything about dance, you can still identify technique.

4. Observe the environment. Is the studio maintained? What about security? If you drop your child off to class will they be safe in the studio? Also ask about equipment. What kind of floor do they have? If they use portable ballet barres, are they strong and sturdy? Check out restrooms, dressing rooms, and any other area of the studio your child will use.

Best of luck in finding the perfect studio for your child! Remember, practice makes perfect! Consider investing in one of our barres for your child to practice at home. Please contact us to learn more.