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Our 14ft (168 Inch) Boss Physio Bar is the strongest portable physical therapy bar for sale today. It is made with a large diameter tube for maximum strength, making it one of the reasons why it is used in hospitals, wellness centers and gyms. This additional strength allows for extra durability in a daily-use environment, while the smooth powder-coated finish is more hygienic than wood or other materials. It also retains its appearance for many years.

Built using the latest design to come out of our R&D Department, a special process was created to add extreme tensile strength and deflection-resistance to the middle of the barre. This allowed us to eliminate a third upright leg in the center of the horizontal bars while almost eliminating "sag". Designed with grooved rubber feet specially created for stability on many different surfaces, from soft carpet, to laminates, to wellness specialized flooring.

A keen attention to detail makes our Bars the strongest portable physical therapy bars for sale today, providing maximum strength and stability for patients seeking to recover from injuries, disabilities and mobility issues.

Already in use in wellness centers, gyms and hospitals across North America, our Professional Physical Therapy Bars are the premium choice for fitness professionals, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Technical Specs

-1.66 outside diameter structural steel
-.100 inch wall thickness for strength and durability
-Heat-applied powder coated finishes are baked on to help prevent chipping
-Ductile-case galvanized EuroKlep Connectors
-44" standard overall height with lower bar at 28.5" giving you more versatility in its use
-Weight of bar: 86lbs

*Please note that the barre colors indicated in any photos on this site may not be exactly representative of the final products, due to production variances, differences in users' monitors color calibrations, etc.

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