Whether you're actively competing or just keeping in shape, the most important thing to a gymnast is staying limber. Floor exercises are good for warmups but can only take you so far. Your local gym may have balance beams, pommel horses, parallel and uneven bars but what about at home?

At Home Gym Without the Gym

Unless you have an enormous unused garage or basement, you probably don’t have room to install an entire set of equipment but any ten square foot space can be made into a small gym with a portable ballet barre. One thing commonly shared between dancers and gymnasts is the need for space and equipment to practice. A technology developed for ballet dancers is equally useful to at home gymnasts in turning any open space into a temporary workout studio.

Living Room, Backyard or On The Go

Rather than pricey and permanent installations, turn your living room or backyard into a temporary gym with sturdy portable barres. One can better help you stretch and warm up, and two well stabilized can serve as basic parallel bars on which to practice your favorite routines and invent new ones between trips to the gym. Want to practice while you travel? No problem! Just take these portable barres with you and set them up wherever you land.

Stay in shape every day, not just the days you get out to the gym. At home and jet-setting gymnasts alike can benefit from a set of free-standing portable ballet barres. For more information from the ballet barre experts, contact us at Boss Ballet Barres today!