Why Every Physical & Occupational Therapist Needs a Boss Bar

Physical and occupational therapy patients use bars to aid in their recovery. When someone experiences an injury or faces health challenges that limit their mobility, it is easy to get discouraged and the fear of losing quality of life sets in.

As an occupational therapist, you have likely seen this struggle in your patients. How can you help them stay hopeful as they regain mobility? This is where Boss Physical Therapy Bars and Parallel Bars become essential. Your patients need something to hold onto that they feel safe using. A tool that they can depend on as they work hard to regain their mobility. 

Our Portable Bars were designed especially with occupational therapists and their patients in mind. We believe a strong, dependable bar allows patients to step out of their comfort zone and start moving without fear.

Available in a variety of lengths, each Physio Barre in our collection is made of high-grade structural steel to provide maximum strength and be able to support each patient. The Portable Bars have grooved rubber feet that can be used on any surface without decreasing effectiveness, including carpet, laminated floors, wood floors, and gym floors. 

If you're an occupational therapist, our bars will help you:  

  • Treat mobility issues more effectively 

  • Ensure athletes prevent and recover from injuries

  • Boost confidence in stroke patients regaining skills

  • Help elderly patients regain and improve range of movement 

  • Encourage greater physical activity in all patients

Not only do our barres benefit your patients, but you'll be able to plan and test exercises with more efficiency and control. As patients see and utilize this essential tool, the progress in your patients will increase and their satisfaction will grow.  Contact us to learn more about the many choices in our Boss Bars and about how our physical therapy barres will be a great addition for you and your patients.