The Strongest Professional Ballet Barre (Plus, it's Portable!)

Boss Ballet Barres have a well-earned reputation as the strongest and most durable barres available anywhere. Combined with portability and best-in-market prices, the value truly cannot be beat.   

We're here to de-bunk a myth that barres need to be time-consumingly wall-mounted and expensive to be strong. At Boss, we've combined our patented line of clamp products with extremely strong structural steel tube to create our signature product. Boss Barres are an out-of-the-box solution as we provide you with everything you need to be able to assemble your barre in minutes. They are made with structural steel, no aluminum or plastic parts, and have non-marking, gripping, rubber feet  that provide advanced stability without any drills or power tools necessary. The portable barres allow for flexibility whether you're teaching in a dance studio or getting in a workout at home. We also offer a variety of sizes and price points depending on your needs. Our Pro product is designed for high-volume use in professional settings-- they're made to last and powder-coated so they're nice to look at and easy to disinfect.   

Our combination of durability, portability, price point and aesthetic appeal is hard to find in the barre market. Cheaper options often feature aluminum, which is flimsier than steel. These barres were unstable, frail and just didn't seem to have the longevity necessary for constant use in a studio setting. Our product makes no sacrifices for a top-notch barre experience.   

Try it out for yourself! Because we are so confident you'll be thrilled with our products, we offer a lifetime warranty with each sale. We pride ourselves on our personal and attentive customer service, and because we value each and every customer, we celebrate our customers' accomplishments in the dance community. Come join our community of premium Ballet/Fitness Barres in North America. Contact us today!