If you Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Barre on It: 4 Funny Reasons Why Ballet is BAE

If you know how it feels to arabesque so much that your butt hurts and have even come to find the beating of your ballet teacher's stick on a hard, pine floor comforting, then you also know that as torturous as our craft is...

It is also the reason that we get up in the morning.

In honor of Valentine's Day, let's take a moment to celebrate a few funny reasons that ballet is still our BAE (even if it is trying to kill us.)

Thanks to ballet, you can put up a bun to make Princess Leia jealous in less than 9 seconds... and like one bobby pin.

You have bought more packs of bobby pins to build a small boat. You have like 3 bobby pins left over. No one knows how that happens... but the truth is that you don't need the other 2. You could now secure a bun out of a paperclip if you had to and it would look fabulous.


You can now reach new angles when you paint your nails.  

There is always the one ballerina at every sleepover who paints her toes in a full on split. Sure. We're stretchy and this comes in handy. There is always that one little spot of nail you just can't seem to get. Ballet helps us reach those spots, upside down and we probably have a fancy name for the pose we are in. Go ahead and ask if you don't mind delving down the rabbit-hole of ballet lingo.


You have officially went on pointe in the grocery store. It was fun. Haters gonna hate.

The urge to dance strikes us from out of nowhere and that is why if you are going to be a ballerina... you have to be just a little bit weird too. Yes. I just did a freestyle on the banana aisle. Yes. I have issues. Yes. I guess my foot was sickled. Great - now I'm self-conscious.


Your toe blisters bring all the boys to the yard.

The right kind of boys too... the kind that understand that your foot blisters are like the sprinkles on a cupcake, the glitter on a Hallmark card or the horn on a newborn baby Pegasus. You earned those badges of honor. Yep. Ballet is beautiful and so are you.


As you get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day, don't forget to celebrate the relationship that loves you all year round... You + Dance = TRUE LOVE. And remember, kids, it's just like Beyoncé said. If you like it then you should put a barre on it.