How to Do a Barre Fitness Workout at Home With the Best Ballet Barre V

How to Do a Barre Fitness Workout at Home With the Best Ballet Barre Value

If you are a fan of going to barre fitness classes, you might be wondering how you can get a great barre workout at home too. Creating a space in your home for workouts is the first step and with that comes getting a portable ballet barre for your workouts. Of course you could consider a wall mounted barre, but a portable barre doesn't require you to permanently attach anything to your wall. And you can find the best ballet barre value from the portable barres here at Boss Ballet Barres. Having said that, here is a guide to doing your own barre fitness class at home.

Warm Up

It's important to have some good music to workout to with a steady beat. That way you can do your movements to the beat. After you find some music, begin with a five minute warm up to make sure you don't injure yourself. Perhaps do some leg lifts, squats, and gentle arm movements to begin warming up the whole body.

Upper Body Section

Typically a barre class begins with an upper body section. You will want a set of light weights—usually anywhere from two to five pounds—to do some simple exercises like bicep curls, tricep extensions, and side raises. For more ideas, check out this YouTube video from Booty Barre. 

Lower Body Section

This is the part of the workout where you will be heavily relying on the barre, mostly for balance. The lower body section includes calf work, quad work, and booty and hamstring work. Calf work generally consists of calf raises. If you have a ballet background, you can do releves in the various ballet positions. Quad work generally includes squats with a very small range of motion, keeping the quads engaged the whole time. And booty and hamstring work can include leaning your forearms and head onto the barre while facing the barre, and then doing a series of leg lifts. Check out this YouTube video for more ideas. 

Core Work

The last part of the workout is the core section. You can begin by sitting underneath the barre, holding onto the barre and pulling down to engage the core. Then do a series of leg lifts and movements coming from the abs. This video shows how to engage the core while working at the barre.

Cool Down

As with any workout, it is important to end with a cool down. Take at least five minutes to stretch at the end of your workout. If you need more information about getting a portable ballet barre for your at-home barre workouts, contact us today at Boss Ballet Barres.