Boss Ballet Barres: the Perfect Choice for Any Studio

The average dancer today spends countless hours drilling, stretching and practicing. Whether you dance ballet, jazz, contemporary or something else entirely, you probably spend a lot of time and money to attend a class led by a professional.

Because many people are willing to invest in an instructor, a popular dance studio might become easily congested. Combined with the fact that a growing number of studios are built smaller and more compact, many classes are left without basic dancing necessities, such as a barre.

The Problem with Portable

While many instructors do not rent enough space to have a mounted barre, portable barres are often flimsy and lack the durability to survive for a significant time in a studio. This causes them to be more of a hindrance to the class than something dancers can use to improve themselves.

Many of the top portable barres on the market are avoided by dancers and teachers alike because they are both expensive and lack many key concepts that dancers need such as the ability and size to be easily moved and stored, the strength to endure the use of many students, and the longevity to be worth a significant investment. These common problems counteract the purpose of a portable barre: to save space.

Why are Boss Ballet Barres Better?

Boss Ballet Barres are not the average portable barres. Their concept was first imagined by a professional dancer who wanted a change in the way barres were designed. The Boss Ballet Barre company rose to the challenge and begin to craft barres using strong steel as the base structure. By using steel, the structure of the barres became instantly more durable and long lasting, causing Boss Ballet Barres to rapidly become one of the leading portable barre companies in the world!

A Barre for Every Occasion

Aside from being stronger and more affordable than other portable ballet barres, Boss Ballet Barres come in a wider variety of sizes than other companies. This is important because it better tailors to the specific needs of all studios, especially smaller ones. 

The studio products for professional dancers, the Extended Boss Barre Pros, are created in lengths of eight, ten, twelve and fourteen feet, and are great for maximizing the space in a busy and tight studio while still giving dancers the high quality barre they require.

For even smaller studios or those with intermediate dancers, Boss Ballet Barre created their Intermediate Series Barres. These are even more compact, ranging in lengths of four, six and eight feet. 

Added Amenities

Boss Ballet Barres didn't stop at just creating superior barres; they also revolutionized how easily they can be moved. Instructors that require barres to be completely removed during or after each class are able to purchase small, sliding Boss Barre Dollies that the portable barres are fitted on. The company has also created various other amenities such as replacement rubber feet for wearing down barres and Hex Keys to tighten loose joints.

Boss Ballet Barres are the perfect choice for any small space where dancers choose to practice and perfect their passion. To find the perfect portable barre for your small studio, check out the website today!